After two years of struggling to get and stay pregnant, Zanna Roberts Rassi’s doctor said to her, “Congratulations, you’re pregnant. Not just a little pregnant, but like really pregnant.” And for anyone who’s been there, you know what that means: Twins.

“I told my husband [Milk Studios founder Mazdack] Rassi and he just burst out laughing and said, brilliant.”

And just like that, two new projects were added to the Rassi portfolio. The fashion polymath is already an editor at Marie Claire, a stylist (clients include True Religion and Pantene), a correspondent for E! News and a Project Runway regular.

She’s also funny, British and adorable, like a woodland sprite who chose Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, as her habitat and a style that’s more sleek with a hint of rock-n-roll than ethereal bohemian (though we’re sure she could pull that off, too). Next week we’ll share Zanna’s fertility trials and tribulations – there were plenty. But first: A peek into life as a professional city mom with 4-month-old twins.

What She Does All Day

Fashion editor, TV fashion correspondent and stylist. One day I’m on a campaign shoot for a fashion client the next interviewing celebs or designers for E! News the next on the Today show talking fashion tips then to a brainstorming meeting at Marie Claire. Never the same day twice.

The Beginning

My parents were in NY when the twins were born. They waved us off to the hospital at 5am for the planned C-section. We floated around on cloud nine for the three weeks afterwards.

Double Vision… Twice!

We are fortunate enough to have a place out of the city – a very old cottage and garden in New Jersey that reminds me of where I was born: Manchester, UK. But this means we had to buy four of everything. Four cribs, four bouncy chairs, two double strollers and you get the picture! Finding bargains is essential – like the $100 cribs from Ikea!

I’ve Got This Figured Out

With twins, you have to have systems and schedules. Demand feeding would be a disaster. We would never sleep or eat. Its about always having the next step lined up. The swaddle flat and ready to go when they are ready to go down, the milk warm for straight after the bath so they don’t scream the house down, the diaper bag set at all times, bedding and laundry done once a day so nothing piles up. A place for everything and everything in its place. You can’t drop a beat. And when they’re sleeping, you have to prep for the next thing!

On Names

Rumi, after the Persian poet, my husband is of Persian descent. Juno is ancient Greek goddess. The mother of all gods. Wow, they have some lofty names to live up to!

Mini Workouts

The only way I can help from falling asleep some afternoons is by lifting Rumi over my head. She weighs nearly 10lbs – I figure twenty of those along with daily carrying means I should get some bicep situation happening!

Best Buy

The amazing double stroller the Bugaboo Donkey with an Andy Warhol floral print. It’s fashionable and functional.

Dressing The Bump

I began pregnancy with a personal challenge of not wearing leggings and T-shirts every day. I began #stylethebump on Instagram, this being the way I would stop myself from being lazy! My key is to still dress like yourself. (You dont have to look like a giant baby just because you’re having one!) For me that was a little rock’n’roll in the mix. Leather J Brand leggings were my lifesaver. Invest in one key piece.

Magic Ingredient

We have full time help, Karen. She’s been there since day 4. Our sweet, smart saviour! Since I went back to work a few weeks later, she has been imperative. I respect stay at home mums (like my mother was) more than you can imagine – it’s harder in a different way than working all day. And hands-off Karen anyone reading this!

Travel Necessity

I keep a very organized diaper bag. But it’s not a diaper bag, it’s a fabulous Tumi backpack with a thousand pockets.

The Perfect Moment

It’s Sunday at 8am in our house in New Jersey. The four of us lay in bed. Rassi is snoozing and Juno is sleeping on his chest. I’m nursing Rumi. My mum and dad are cooking up breakfast downstairs whilst “baby symphony” plays in the background. It was magic. I cried!

On Nursing

I couldn’t produce enough for two, so I supplemented with formula from the beginning. I think of breast milk as medicine. I pumped four times a day. Initially, nursing two babies at once, I got the hang of it, it’s like holding two footballs. I don’t know how anyone does it when they’re bigger!

On Pumping

I’ve pumped on set, in the back of an RV, in public toilets. One special day I was in the bathroom at Milk Studios shooting whilst on a conference call, texting my nanny, and looked in the mirror and burst out laughing. Multitasking at its finest.

* A Tip! *

If they won’t latch, wet the bottom of their nose with milk, and they’ll tip they their head up and then you can pop the nipple in!


I missed a doctor’s appointment and I felt so, so guilty.

On Future Rassis

We have a few on ice because we did IVF. That’s the most miraculous thing. They’re breathing, eating, smiling beings after three months on ice! I can’t get my head around that. Such a miracle.

3 Hours To Yourself

I’d catch up with family on the phone, and go sit in a park and drink rose with girlfriends!

A Night With Your Man

It’s our 5-year wedding anniversary, and I’m surprising him with a trip uptown to stay at the Carlyle. I plan to drink champagne, chat like adults with no agenda, and sleep. For us, not getting on a plane is such a luxury!

Can’t Buy Enough

For the girls, Earth Mama Angel Baby oil and Nununu stars and stripes collection. For me, Blueprint green juice is amazing when you don’t have time to do something good for yourself. And Lansinoh nipple cream. My friend Mariana brought it to the hospital for me – life saver.

New Obsession

Rather than trawling boutiques for the coolest little-people things, I hop on Mini Style and find the most unique clothes, accessories, and toys. Its a one-stop shop for buying gifts. Crushing right now on the new Mini X Thief & Bandit collaboration.

On Becoming Her Mother

She’s creeping in. I hear her voice in mine. Morals, manners, family values… I hear it when I talk to Rassi about the girls.

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Saturdays With Dannielle Kyrillos

saturdays Dannielle Kyrillos
Lives: The West Village in NYC
Husband, JP Kyrillos, President of The Daily Meal; son Caspian (Cappy), 2.5
You might know: A little reality show called Top Chef: Just Desserts where Dannielle was a judge. Or her latest project, What’s New With You?
Secret obsession: I have to tell the truth: I adore the Athens, GA-based groovy band Widespread Panic. I’ve seen them play around the world and will do anything to get to a show. Southern fried rock that makes you dance your face off!



Is anything better than waking up to someone’s tiny, scraggly toes tickling your ear while the owner of the toes cackles to himself? Caspian seems to mysteriously end up in our bed at some point in the middle of almost every Friday night, and then we all wake up together, relieved it’s the weekend!


Ok, when I said “all wake up together,” that was technically true, but my saint of a husband always, always gets up with the boy and lets me snooze a little longer. But then I hear how much fun they’re having downstairs, so I get up and we have coffee and a little snack (“Breakfast #1″). Cappy builds something with his Magna-Tiles (best, best, most creativity-inducing invention ever), usually a parking garage.



We love to go on a “breakfast date” at an easy little diner-y spot down the street called the PATH cafe (quaintly located right next to the entrance to the PATH train). We sit at the counter and visit with Bruce, the straight-out-of-central-casting, wonderful curmudgeon with a heart of gold who works there. We have smoothies and egg wraps and Caspian flirts with fellow diners.


If there is a farmers’ market within a thousand miles, my husband will sniff it out and take us there, so every Saturday we visit the awesome one at Abingdon Square. We buy eggs from Farmer Ben (his wife just had their 13th baby!), veggies from these nice New Jersey farmers, and fish from the fishermen. Caspian holds up the line asking them about their boat, and is recently obsessed with crabs (“Those crabs have a car they drive to the beach. They love that car. It is pink.”)


The market is right next to Bleecker Street Playground, one of Caspian’s most favorite places in the world, so we always stop and play for awhile. It’s really crowded on the weekends so we try to go early before the chaos. It’s impossible not to run into someone, so it’s nice to have more coffee (usually from Upright Brewhouse or The Elk) with the grown-ups while the smaller people play in the sand.


Naps on weekends are so hard these days. This is when we try to wind down the boy and walk him in his stroller (we live on a cobblestone alley so for me the only way to go is the Bob Revolution! What a treat to be able to steer carefully with one hand and enjoy a coffee with the other) until he falls asleep so we don’t have a crazy person on our hands later. I’d say we’re successful 70% of the time. Luckily we live right across the street from the Hudson River so the walking is really scenic.


Caspian usually wakes up around this time and we make a little lunch with the farmers’ market goods at home. Grilled vegetables, yummy fish, very easy.


Sometimes, especially if Cappy wouldn’t go down for a nap because he was too busy acting as one of his alter-egos, Jerry the Kittycat or Blueberry the Dog (“Blueberry” has been known to poop outside on the patio “because dogs poop outside and then their owners pick up the poop”), I beg Saint JP to let me sneak in a nap or a SoulCycle class while they do fun father-son stuff.


On nice Saturdays we like to take advantage of every minute, so it’s off on “an adventure.” We’ll meet up with friends at a park or someone’s house, we’ll rent bikes and ride along the river, we’ll take our soccer ball and orange plastic cone collection (if your little person likes soccer and has seen them, they are the best, weirdest thing $10 can buy–also good for construction sites), and just run around enjoying the city. Oh, often this involves reviewing real construction sites because Caspian is obsessed and visits “the builders” throughout the week.


Around this time we get really excited if Caspian says, “How about dinner at Barbuto?” because it’s the greatest luxury in the world after a long day to show up right when it opens for dinner. They are so utterly accommodating to families, and we can all feel like civilized people again. Caspian asks for olives and breadsticks to start, and loves their kale salad because it’s really just a vessel for cheese. The grown-ups drink Pio Cesare barbera, Cappy watches the world go by through the garage doors, and we all feel lucky to live in New York City.


Bedtime, and not always just for Caspian. We all unwind with books (“Little Blue Truck” and “The Bear’s Sea Escape” are current favorites) and then it’s zzzzzzzzz.

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On Our Radar: October 16, 2014


WHO: Little ones who get more food on themself than in their mouth.
WHAT: New Silispoons are crafted out of silicone, have textured handles, and shovel-shaped heads for easy scooping and eating.
WHEN: Order now for November delivery.


WHO: Product-obsessed parents who are suckers for cute packaging.
WHAT: New kids bath line, Tubby Todd, is strong enough for BIG messes yet safe and gentle enough for newborns. And of course all-natural, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic.
WHEN: You have a penchant for good, clean fun.

WHO: Adventurous parents and caregivers who want a stroller that can manage snow and hikes.
WHAT: The new all-terrain Bumbleride Indie 4 fits newborns to 5-year-olds, comes with a bassinet, and collapses easily, and also manages to be lightweight.
WHEN: Before the polar vortex is upon us.

WHO: Parents plagued by the nightlight conundrum.
WHAT: Snap Ray Guidelights are brilliant plug-and-play outlet covers with built-in nightlights that work via sensor. They’re safe, free up outlets, and install in minutes. WHEN: Before dark!

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If you’ve ever caught an episode of The Rachel Zoe Project (and you must), you know Rachel Zoe has earned every bit of her fame. That girl works! (And her ubiquitous venti Starbucks must help.) The most famous stylist in Hollywood – Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, and Eva Mendes are clients – Zoe brought the notion of outfitting celebrities into the mainstream. Even your uncle knows what a stylist is now.

With the help of her financier husband Rodger Berman (“babe” to Rachel), the power duo have built an empire out of her 70s glam, boho-chic signature style that includes books (Style A To Zoe and Living In Style), contemporary clothing (Rachel Zoe Collection), a media channel (The Zoe Report), the reality show, and collaborations with QVC among others.

Add to the list totally devoted, hands-on mom to Skyler (Sky-Sky, 3) and Kai (10 months), her two gorgeous blue-eyed sons, who she calls “the loves of my life.”

We caught up with the funny, cheerful uber-stylist about “shutting it down” while pregnant, the best baby gift she received (we die!), having kids later in life, a hilarious moment when her styling chops overtook her parenting skills (bananas!), and much more.

The one and only Rachel Zoe…


That’s A Wrap

The Rachel Zoe Project is officially over after 5 years. It was a good run! I just don’t want cameras inside my personal life with children around – they are sacred.

So Much Love

You can’t overlove, overkiss, or overhug your children. I call the boys muffintop, lovebug, angelface, love of my life, my prince – I have a different name for them every day!

Best Baby Gift

A Louis Vuitton Speedy duffel with monogrammed initials. They’ll have it forever.

Pregnancy Style Advice

Black, black, and more black. And denim. Lots of ponchos, capes, maxi dresses, especially Rick Owens cotton jersey pieces – stick to fabrics that move with your body.

Advice for New Moms

Try to be there for the big moments because you can’t get them back. Once your baby takes the first step, you don’t see that again. I used to bring Skyler to work with me almost every day before he started school, but I think it’s easier and more efficient if you separate (mentally and physically) and give each thing your full attention at different times. I do dinner, bath, and bedtime with my kids 90% of the time.

Change To Her Routine

I rearrange everything around my children and either go out after they’re in bed or don’t go at all. Skyler is an age where I can explain to him when Mommy has to go to an event and won’t be there tonight, and he gets it.

Something In The Water

I’m very supportive of motherhood and babies at Rachel Zoe – we’ve had 8 babies this year, so I think we will implement a daycare in 2015.

Hardest Part of Being a Parent

You lose the impulsiveness in your life. Pre-children, I would grab my stuff and hop on a plane to Paris with basically no notice. This is why I decided to have kids later in life. It totally changes the way you approach your life and travel. Now I either do short trips without them or longer trips where I bring them.

Must-Haves When Traveling with Kids

A soft pillow and blanket, the iPad, lots of coloring books, arts and crafts, and always pack your own food. Skyler’s favorite thing to eat is an avocado and cheese sandwich, so that’s a must.

The Early Days Essentials

I’m an eco-mommy across the board, so we live for The Honest Company products (diapers, diaper spray, healing balm, body oil – I lather them in it), The Little Seed onesies (my kids lived in them), Aden + Anais organic bamboo blankets, which are crazy soft, Melissa & Doug and Hape wooden toys, the Bugaboo Chameleon stroller for one, and the Stokke double for two.

Earth Angels

Skyler’s name came to me right when I found out I was pregnant, but I never told Roger because I thought he would hate it. A few days before he was born, I finally told him I loved this name and couldn’t get it out of my mind, and he loved it too! He happened to come out with these big blue eyes which made it so perfect. I wanted another earth element with Kaius since we call Skyler “Sky”, and I always loved the name Kai, which means “big body of water.” I knew a few Kai’s, so I looked up the origin and thought Kaius was so beautiful. I got lucky that his eyes are the color of the ocean!

Perfect Moment

We are all four in our bed in matching Barefoot Dreams bathrobes (which we literally stay in the whole day) – that’s it, pure joy. Or sitting on the beach doing the exact same thing, just not wearing bath robes.


I put Skyler in a 3-piece Gucci suit for his first class picture at 2.5 when it was 90 degrees outside. He was dripping sweat. I got so lost in the moment and he should have been in shorts and a T-shirt like the rest of the kids. I had to take it off immediately after the picture. That was a fail. Definitely a fail! But the picture was adorable!

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