After two years of struggling to get and stay pregnant, Zanna Roberts Rassi’s doctor said to her, “Congratulations, you’re pregnant. Not just a little pregnant, but like really pregnant.” And for anyone who’s been there, you know what that means: Twins.

“I told my husband [Milk Studios founder Mazdack] Rassi and he just burst out laughing and said, brilliant.”

And just like that, two new projects were added to the Rassi portfolio. The fashion polymath is already an editor at Marie Claire, a stylist (clients include True Religion and Pantene), a correspondent for E! News and a Project Runway regular.

She’s also funny, British and adorable, like a woodland sprite who chose Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, as her habitat and a style that’s more sleek with a hint of rock-n-roll than ethereal bohemian (though we’re sure she could pull that off, too). Next week we’ll share Zanna’s fertility trials and tribulations – there were plenty. But first: A peek into life as a professional city mom with 4-month-old twins.

What She Does All Day

Fashion editor, TV fashion correspondent and stylist. One day I’m on a campaign shoot for a fashion client the next interviewing celebs or designers for E! News the next on the Today show talking fashion tips then to a brainstorming meeting at Marie Claire. Never the same day twice.

The Beginning

My parents were in NY when the twins were born. They waved us off to the hospital at 5am for the planned C-section. We floated around on cloud nine for the three weeks afterwards.

Double Vision… Twice!

We are fortunate enough to have a place out of the city – a very old cottage and garden in New Jersey that reminds me of where I was born: Manchester, UK. But this means we had to buy four of everything. Four cribs, four bouncy chairs, two double strollers and you get the picture! Finding bargains is essential – like the $100 cribs from Ikea!

I’ve Got This Figured Out

With twins, you have to have systems and schedules. Demand feeding would be a disaster. We would never sleep or eat. Its about always having the next step lined up. The swaddle flat and ready to go when they are ready to go down, the milk warm for straight after the bath so they don’t scream the house down, the diaper bag set at all times, bedding and laundry done once a day so nothing piles up. A place for everything and everything in its place. You can’t drop a beat. And when they’re sleeping, you have to prep for the next thing!

On Names

Rumi, after the Persian poet, my husband is of Persian descent. Juno is ancient Greek goddess. The mother of all gods. Wow, they have some lofty names to live up to!

Mini Workouts

The only way I can help from falling asleep some afternoons is by lifting Rumi over my head. She weighs nearly 10lbs – I figure twenty of those along with daily carrying means I should get some bicep situation happening!

Best Buy

The amazing double stroller the Bugaboo Donkey with an Andy Warhol floral print. It’s fashionable and functional.

Dressing The Bump

I began pregnancy with a personal challenge of not wearing leggings and T-shirts every day. I began #stylethebump on Instagram, this being the way I would stop myself from being lazy! My key is to still dress like yourself. (You dont have to look like a giant baby just because you’re having one!) For me that was a little rock’n’roll in the mix. Leather J Brand leggings were my lifesaver. Invest in one key piece.

Magic Ingredient

We have full time help, Karen. She’s been there since day 4. Our sweet, smart saviour! Since I went back to work a few weeks later, she has been imperative. I respect stay at home mums (like my mother was) more than you can imagine – it’s harder in a different way than working all day. And hands-off Karen anyone reading this!

Travel Necessity

I keep a very organized diaper bag. But it’s not a diaper bag, it’s a fabulous Tumi backpack with a thousand pockets.

The Perfect Moment

It’s Sunday at 8am in our house in New Jersey. The four of us lay in bed. Rassi is snoozing and Juno is sleeping on his chest. I’m nursing Rumi. My mum and dad are cooking up breakfast downstairs whilst “baby symphony” plays in the background. It was magic. I cried!

On Nursing

I couldn’t produce enough for two, so I supplemented with formula from the beginning. I think of breast milk as medicine. I pumped four times a day. Initially, nursing two babies at once, I got the hang of it, it’s like holding two footballs. I don’t know how anyone does it when they’re bigger!

On Pumping

I’ve pumped on set, in the back of an RV, in public toilets. One special day I was in the bathroom at Milk Studios shooting whilst on a conference call, texting my nanny, and looked in the mirror and burst out laughing. Multitasking at its finest.

* A Tip! *

If they won’t latch, wet the bottom of their nose with milk, and they’ll tip they their head up and then you can pop the nipple in!


I missed a doctor’s appointment and I felt so, so guilty.

On Future Rassis

We have a few on ice because we did IVF. That’s the most miraculous thing. They’re breathing, eating, smiling beings after three months on ice! I can’t get my head around that. Such a miracle.

3 Hours To Yourself

I’d catch up with family on the phone, and go sit in a park and drink rose with girlfriends!

A Night With Your Man

It’s our 5-year wedding anniversary, and I’m surprising him with a trip uptown to stay at the Carlyle. I plan to drink champagne, chat like adults with no agenda, and sleep. For us, not getting on a plane is such a luxury!

Can’t Buy Enough

For the girls, Earth Mama Angel Baby oil and Nununu stars and stripes collection. For me, Blueprint green juice is amazing when you don’t have time to do something good for yourself. And Lansinoh nipple cream. My friend Mariana brought it to the hospital for me – life saver.

New Obsession

Rather than trawling boutiques for the coolest little-people things, I hop on Mini Style and find the most unique clothes, accessories, and toys. Its a one-stop shop for buying gifts. Crushing right now on the new Mini X Thief & Bandit collaboration.

On Becoming Her Mother

She’s creeping in. I hear her voice in mine. Morals, manners, family values… I hear it when I talk to Rassi about the girls.

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saturdays Henley Vazquez
Lives: Tribeca, NYC
husband Xabi and daughter Sofia (7), son Nico (4)
You might know: Co-founder of Feather+Flip, a new family travel website launching late November
Secret obsession: stinky cheese, hotel shampoo, and Candy Crush (so embarrassing)



The kids are probably awake before now, but they have a clock we bought from Babesta Cribz, one of our favorite local shops, that turns from a moon to the sun at 7am. So every morning there’s a big whoop at precisely that moment.


Feeding time. Our little guy is obsessed with the peanut butter balls from Whole Foods, and our daughter is more gourmet. She wants avocado toast on rosemary bread with olive oil, lemon, and sea salt. I mean, seriously?! This kid eats better than I do. My husband Xabi eats whatever the kids leave behind, and I make a smoothie.



Xabi is Spanish, and he’s raised two futbol fanatics. So by 8, they’re checking which English Premier League game is on. Nico’s favorite team is Barcelona, but he cheers for Liverpool in the English league and will watch any game he can find. Sometimes he cries if his team misses a penalty or loses a game. It’s pretty dramatic for 8am.


The kids attend a Spanish school every Saturday, so by now we’re on our way.


Drop the kids and freedom! We walk straight to Jack’s for lattes and then usually head home to do some work. Glamorous, I know.


We brunch like single people! Our favorites are the benedict at Joseph Leonard, the lardo focaccia and stringhe di funghi at Rosemary’s or the fried clam belly and lobster sliders at The Clam. Not too many Bloody Marys because we don’t get to nap like single people.


The kids are back, and we make the most of the afternoon. If it’s nice, we head to the park. Pier 25 has a great grassy field for playing, and our daughter, who dances with the city’s coolest dance school Downtown Dance Factory, can practice her splits and such while her brother tries to score on his dad. If it’s cold or rainy, we hit the museums. Our new obsession is the Math Museum. All the exhibits are interactive, and our kids adore it. They never want to leave!


Time to refuel. We’re lucky to have the most insane choice of coffee shops in our neighborhood. The Smile is in the front of the super cool Shinola shop. I try not to go too often because I fall into a retail hole and don’t want to leave. Laughing Man, Hugh Jackman’s mini café, is probably our most visited place since they have amazing coffee right in front of the adorable Washington Market Park plus profits go to charity. If we want a place to sit down for a snack, we swing by Kaffe 1668.


Time to run the kids more before the day ends. Our neighborhood’s tiny so we always bump into someone we know, meaning there’s usually an impromptu playdate going on by now. Sofia recently learned how to ride a bike, so sometimes the kids bring out their two-wheelers to practice. As soon as both kids are steady, I’m totally splurging on my own ride from Adeline Adeline.


By now, the little guy is ready to eat and catch up on the Spanish league games he missed while he was out doing normal kid stuff. We record them, so he can watch Barcelona (hopefully) hand it to Real Madrid after he has his dinner. I’m a terrible cook, so we usually eat out. I love Terra for Italian, Blau Gans for schnitzel, or Warren 77 for great bar food with the sports to match (our kids beg to eat here every weekend).


We used to go out on Saturdays but recently our weeknights are so busy we are staying in more. Date night has moved to Thursdays. So when the kids are in bed, we can open a bottle of wine (we buy from Frankly Wines, the world’s most friendly and unpretentious wine shop) and watch a movie. I tend to sleep through the end but I promise you that the first half of Mistaken for Strangers, the documentary about the National, is awesome.

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On Our Radar: October 30, 2014


WHO: Parents-to-be who want in on the Tinder-esque fun (and can’t settle on a baby name).
WHAT: With the BabyNameGame app, you swipe “love” or “hate” when a name comes up, and your actions lead you to the perfect moniker for your little.
WHEN: Before you settle for something less than perfect.


WHO: Parents who want to feed their child the healthiest, most nourishing meals.
WHAT: Look up more than 80,000 foods in EWG’s new comprehensive database and see how it rates on nutrition, food additives, contaminents, and degree of processing.
WHEN: This took more than 3 years to build, so get on it ASAP.

WHO: Parents of newborns who need a little shuteye.
WHAT: The most popular swaddle sleepsack in Europe is finally available stateside. Meet Puckababy.
WHEN: Night night, sleep tight.

WHO: Parents in need of a deluxe stroller who are short on space.
WHAT: The new Stokke Scoot is compact, a smooth ride, adaptable to most infant car seats, and easy to collapse and carry, making it a good option for urban dwellers.
WHEN: Preorder now.

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1. Dress: Topshop, Shoes: Tibi
2. Dress: Issa
3. Dress: Rebecca Minkoff, Sunglasses: Anthropologie, Bag: Kenzo, Shoes: Tory Burch
4. Fringe Top: DKNY, Tee: Uniqlo, Bag: Edie Parker
5. Dress: Altuzurra, Shoes: Loeffler Randall

For Eva Chen, shopping is a full-time job. Sounds amazing, right? Don’t be fooled – when Anna Wintour hand-picks you to turn a flailing magazine into a smashing success, there’s an immense amount of pressure, but Eva’s not shaking in her Dr. Marten combat boots.


Quite the opposite in fact. The truly modern editor-in-chief of Lucky (the youngest at the helm of any Conde Nast title) and Chief Creative Officer of The Lucky Group (the new company established to bring the e-commerce part of the business to fruition) is in her element. After 7 years as Beauty Director at Teen Vogue, it’s no surprise Eva was chosen to make everyone’s favorite magazine about shopping actually, well, shoppable.

She understands how young women want to shop because she is one of them. And she’ll never tell you that piece you splurged on last season is “out” – instead, she’ll show you how to style it differently.

Eva gets social media and has the following to prove it – 280K followers on Insta, 88K on Twitter. Her daily morning post of the shoes and handbag she’s wearing (accompanied by a piece of fruit!) is just the kind of whimsy and personality her followers can’t get enough of – so obviously they (we!) all flipped when she announced her pregnancy with an extra special take on her ritual posts.

The mom-to-be describes her personal style as high-street meets high-end, but we prefer to call it what it really is: badass. We caught up with Eva about her pregnancy wardrobe, the baby products she’s obsessing over, and the design of her nursery. Without further ado, the very real, super-cool Eva Chen ….

Pregnancy Style

I feel exceptionally lucky that sweatshirt dressing and oversized sweaters are on-trend this fall-winter. They’re comfortable, they’re forgiving, and they look great with flat combat boots.

Giving In to Maternity Clothes

Despite swearing up and down I wouldn’t buy maternity clothing, I invested in a pair of Isabella Oliver leather leggings and a pair of maternity jeans from Topshop and I honestly don’t know how I’ll go back to regular, non-elasticized waists come next spring.

Just Don’t

If something is uncomfortable in the beginning of the day, don’t even bother. By the end of the day, you’ll be erupting out of your clothes and really just cross with yourself for not knowing any better (as was my case yesterday).

Pretty in Pink

I am super obsessed with Kalon’s Caravan Crib. My friend Samantha sent me a link to it and it was the first thing that made me feel like ‘this is actually happening’ and also ’this will be fun.’

If These Walls Could Talk

For my nursery, I had custom wallpaper designed by my decorators McGrath II and Caitlin McGauley. I can’t give away too much about it because it gives away the name of our daughter. Everything else in the nursery is revolving around this one print.

Mini Me

Baby Dr Marten combat boots and baby New Balances: mommy and me shoes? Yes, please.

Product Junkie

I already used a lot of organic skincare, but have been extra into Weleda, Jurlique, Ren, Nude, and Indie Lee lately for facial and body skincare. On my tummy, I’ve been using a mix of Darphin facial oils (YOLO!) and Aden + Anais stretch mark cream. Here’s hoping the combination works!

Get In My Belly

Pizza: There was a week where I ordered 4 pies in 4 days from Ribalta. Listen, the baby wants what it wants. Sparkling water with extra ice: I get a shipment of Poland Spring sparkling water once a week and by mid-week I’m through. Cantaloupe: specifically the Sugar Kiss melons from FreshDirect.

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