When it comes to motherhood, Stacey Bendet Eisner is about as hands-on as it gets. The founder of Alice and Olivia and mom to two precious girls (Eloise, 5; Scarlett, 3) whips up specialty “green milk” drinks for the girls each morning and takes on crafts with a Martha-esque fervor. Yet she’s seemingly always decked out (literally, like in ball gowns) with full makeup and signature oversized vintage sunglasses – looking fun-loving, lithe and seriously together.

So just how does she do it? She starts each morning with an hour of yoga (before the girls even wake up), is committed to a mantra of ‘love yourself’, and focuses just as much on the fun parts of parenting (lemonade stands for charity!) as she does on the tricky tasks like disciplining her strong-willed daughter.

Lest she seem a bit, well, perfect, read on for her #momfail and somewhat unhealthy habit – plus more juicy details from the gorgeous and zany life of the A+O cover girl.

Everyday Namaste

I’m a hardcore Ashtangi, do it every day – some mornings at home and a few days a week with Eddie Stern.  Most of the time I’m all glam, but every morning I’m with my people – a bunch of folks covered in tats and sweat. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

Post-Pregnancy Secret

Yoga while pregnant is so soothing for yourself and the baby. It was the intense practices I did while pregnant that helped me bounce back right away – I was stronger from practicing with all that extra weight!

Wisest Advice

My dad always said, children are 80% hardwired at birth and 20% is up to you to mold. It’s so true. It’s important to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and keep that in mind every day. We call Eloise ‘The Little Force’ because she’s such a dynamo but can be bossy. My role is to teach her kindness and compassion. My youngest is an adorable glutton. She’ll hang out on the floor, staring at the ceiling. When I ask what she’s doing, she’ll say, “I’m just being happy.”

What’s In A Name

When Eric [Eisner] and I were dating, he lived in LA. I always stayed in a hotel, so he called me Eloise, plus that was my favorite book. When I was pregnant, I just knew I had a little redhead girl in me, and I was right! The second time, it was his love of The Grateful Dead, which he always listened to while I was pregnant. I love the song “Scarlet Begonias” so…

Newest Craving

I’m usually a healthy eater, but I’ve recently become a sucker for the Ice Blendeds at Coffee Bean because they opened one near my office. I never drank coffee until my second child, but I haven’t slept a full night since she was born – it’s always something. They were great sleepers in cribs, but once they got into big girl beds, it was all over.

My Learning Curve

Discipline is sometimes a struggle for me. My oldest is strong-willed and was jealous of her little sister. Her teacher pointed out that I was letting her be the boss and I totally was! I was talking to her like I was her buddy, not mom. So I stopped asking her and started telling her what to do. It didn’t come easily to me, but her tantrums were controlling my life. It’s so important to set rules and boundaries – kids actually want that. I don’t like being strict, but setting parameters has really helped her behavior.

Current Closet Crush

My favorite pieces change daily, but I’m currently obsessed with a hand-dyed silk ribbon-stripe skirt. It’s being made for Alice and Olivia next spring, but the samples arrived in the wrong colorway, so it’s mine.

Stacey Bendet, Chef de Cuisine

I make the girls whole wheat quinoa waffles in the mornings. Cut to… we’re staying at the Pierre Hotel while our home is being renovated, and the girls experienced real waffles. They told me I need to learn to make waffles like that. I’m in big trouble!

Meet George

I think up creative projects in advance and don’t waste time on the set-up because their attention spans are short. We made up a character named Naughty George and paint him doing mischievous things, making up stories about what he did. We’re creating a whole book!

The Key To A Good Vacation

My advice is: BRING HELP so you can truly relax and rest. It’s not a real vacation if you’re busy with the kids the whole time. It’s important to do things to make yourself happy and to have time alone with your husband.

Simply Put

Love yourself. The happier you are, the better you’re going to be with your baby.

Last Word

Instead of “bothering”, Eloise says to Scarlett, “you’re fathering me.”

Keeping Her Day Job

I’ve recognized with harsh reality that I have the worst singing voice in the world. Ever. You see moms singing lullabies to their babies, and it’s so sweet, but not with me!

Be Nice

In response to things like the Boston Marathon bombings, I started the Kindness Project, which is an effort to spread a message of love, kindness and peacefulness via beautiful watercolor murals in public places with positive messages attached to them. People are welcome to take, share or add their own. We do the same thing with the kids outside on our stoop. It’s a good way of teaching them about sharing and kindness. They get to paint and practice writing.

Heart Melted

Recently, Eloise got up one morning and wanted to have a lemonade stand and give all the money to charity, so that’s what we did! It was all her idea – she’s a go-getter. We whipped up cake pops and lemonade and made $105, and we donated it to the Ronald McDonald House.

Make iRules

The girls are so skilled with that iPad. My little one learned all her letters from an iPad app! I’ve designated mornings for watching something educational, like Magic School Bus or programs in Spanish.

My Go-To Skin Cure-all

Homeoplasmine is amazing for any sort of rash or dry skin. It was only available in Paris, but now you can get it here.

Biggest #Momfail

According to my husband, it’s that I let the girls eat candy, but I’m okay with it because they eat organic, healthy meals all the time.

BS Detector

With my first pregnancy, I was young and sorta clueless. With my second, I was anxious because I knew all the things that could potentially go wrong. I couldn’t be all la-di-dah. I just don’t get the blissful pregnant people, but maybe that’s because I’m a Type-A New Yorker.

With Three Hours Alone

I’d get a facial at Christine Chin and go vintage shopping at The Way We Wore Showroom.

Read Stacey’s Little Black Book of Activities for Kids

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On Our Radar: January 22, 2015


Ella, by Mallory Kasdan
WHO: Eloise fans with a sense of humor.
WHAT: In this parody of the infamous Plaza-dwelling six-year-old, Ella is a crafty Brooklyn hipster who attends Hillary Clinton fundraisers and has a manny – who dreams of owning a grilled cheese truck, of course.
WHEN: You need a laugh.


Skip Hop Layette
WHO: Parents of – or expecting – newborns.
WHAT: Skip Hop’s brand new wardrobe for baby dons charming, colorful prints – chevron, polka dot, and (our favorite) clouds – at affordable price points ($10 – $35).
WHEN: Before baby arrives.

WHO: Pregnant women
WHAT: This new prenatal vitamin is drinkable and helps alleviate morning sickness thanks to ginger, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium.
WHEN: Always talk to your doctor about which prenatal vitamin is right for you.

WHO: City-dwellers who keep the stroller in their apartment.
WHAT: Two NYC moms designed smart wheel covers to keep dirt and germs out of reach from the baby and off the floor.
WHEN: Think for 2 seconds about what’s on those wheels after a stroll.

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9 Celeb Moms’
Fav Baby Products

To celebrate the launch of our new registry, we asked our network of moms what they couldn’t live without. Peruse their must-haves to inspire your own picks.

Zanna Roberts Rassi

Marie Claire Fashion Editor, E! News Correspondent, Mom of Twin Girls
Follow her on IG: @zannarassi


Baby Jogger City Select for the city
Bugaboo Donkey for the country


Ivanka Trump

Owner Ivanka Trump, Mom of Two
Follow her on IG: @ivankatrump


Ergo 360

Bath Tub



Born Free


Motorola & Dropcam

Stacey Bendet Eisner

Designer Alice and Olivia, Mom of Two
Follow her on IG: @aliceandolivia


Bugaboo Bee3

Infant Car Seat

Maxi-Cosi Mico Max

Jenni Kayne

Designer & Blogger, Mom of Two
Follow her on IG: @jennikayne

Infant Car Seat

Orbit Baby G3


Aden + Anais (in all white)

Claiborne Swanson Frank

Hollywood Photographer, Mom of One Boy
Follow her on IG: @claiborneswansonfrank


Uppababy Vista

Infant Car Seat

Chicco KeyFit 30

Motion Chair

Bloom Coco Go Lounger



Daphne Oz

The Chew Co-Host, Mom of One Girl
Follow her on IG: @daphneoz


Bugaboo Bee3

Infant Car Seat

Chicco KeyFit 30


Solly Baby Wrap

Jordana Brewster

Actress, Mom of One Boy
Follow her on IG: @jordanabrewster


Nuna Leaf

High Chair

Stokke Tripp Trapp



Sound Machine

Cloud B Sleep Sheep

Marissa Kraxberger

Fashion Executive & Blogger, Mom of Two
Follow her on IG: @ladyandprince


Bugaboo Bee3

High Chair

Svan Anka


Zara, H&M, J.Crew

Rebecca Minkoff

Designer, Mom of Two
Follow her on IG: @rebeccaminkoff

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Emily Schuman

When we found out that one of our favorite bloggers was pregnant and struggling with her registry, it was music to our ears. Why? Because we live to curate the perfect registry! It’s why we wake up each morning! Emily Schuman, of Cupcakes and Cashmere fame – she who’s made a career out of sharing the things that make life delightful (ombre manicures, DIY bouquets, breakfast-taco bars) – deserves a registry worthy of her good taste.

The soon-to-be mom, who held stints at Domino and Teen Vogue, lives her style in both her new (and gorgeous!) LA home and her wardrobe: She favors neutrals over bold prints, animal prints over gold metallic. And she’s all about the tiny details that make a room – or an outfit – feel special (color-coded bookshelves! silk-pleated hem on a sweater!).

Finding baby essentials that live up to Emily’s life and style is what Cricket’s Circle does best. We had Emily take our registry quiz to get product recommendations personalized just for her. Here are some of our favorites – and why we chose them.


Wins Points for Cuteness

Cloud B Sleep Sheep: Part stuffed animal, part sound machine, this is a favorite of new parents. Traveling tip: remove the soundbox from the sheep for a small on-the-go sound machine.

The Design Enthusiast

DwellStudio Mid-Century Crib: We love DwellStudio for its mid-century modern sensibility, coupled with the fact that this crib is as safe and functional as it is chic, it’s no wonder you see this one in the homes of design enthusiasts.

Happy Baby, Happy Mommy

Tiny Love Classic Development Mobile: The more songs, noises, and colors, the happier the baby. The colors may not be appealing to the decorator in you but the high contrast graphics stimulate little one’s vision.

So You Can Both Sleep Soundly

Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress: Your baby will log countless hours sleeping in her crib (well, fingers crossed!), so you want to be sure the mattress isn’t giving off toxic fumes. We love this one for its dual-stage option (use for baby and toddler) and high quality. Plus it’s lightweight, so changing sheets is a cinch.

Do It For The Baby!

Fisher Price My Little Lamb Swing: Fact: This one isn’t winning points in the looks department (though we appreciate that the colors at least try to blend in), but babies love it – and often nap in it for hours – which means you’ll love it too.

Haul In Style

Marc by Marc Jacobs Eliz-a-baby Diaper Bag: You’ll be schlepping more accessories than you can imagine, so you might as well do it in style. This one doesn’t sacrifice functionality making it a winner.

Cuddle Time

Aden + Anais Dream Blanket: Cozy and breathable, this blanket is perfect for taking baby home from the hospital, long walks, and cuddling at home.

Ride In Style

Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat: We heart this new kid on the block that’s Oeko-Tex® certified. It’s super lightweight, making it easy to carry around and has a dream drape for napping, shielding from sun, and avoiding the paps.

Stay Close

Ergo Organic Baby Carrier: For hikes, maneuvering the farmers market, and getting stuff done around the house, this is the only way to go.

Have Baby, Will Stroll

Baby Jogger City Mini: We love this lightweight deluxe stroller for its versatility – durable for everyday use and easy to collapse and maneuver for travel.

Bath Time Is So Much Fun

Summer Infant Bath Sponge: Perfect for those sponge baths in the kitchen sink in the early days, it prevents slipping and is soft and comfy for the baby, easing a new moms nerves.

Snug As A Bug…

Little Giraffe Chenille Hooded Towel: There’s nothing quite as luxurious as Little Giraffe’s chenille towel. And nothing cuter than a clean baby in said towel after a bath.

That Smooth Baby Butt

MD Moms Baby SIlk Moisturizing Balm: These moms know their stuff – this is silky and natural and works like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Wash Up Safely

California Baby 2-in-1 Shampoo and Bodywash: We love the ease of a pump, so your other hand can be on the baby. Plus, this one is organic, safe, and sulfate-free.

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