cc_blog_spacer“He’s like a Christmas present that I get to open every morning,” says Molly Sims of her one-and-a-half-year-old son Brooks.
Lest you get the wrong idea, she also referred to him as a “nipple vampire” minutes earlier. Before Sims returned to work – filming episodes of The Carrie Diaries and as a guest star on TBS’ Men At Work, penning a “girl’s guide to everything” called The Everyday Supermodel for HarperCollins, designing maternity apparel (Molly Sims’ Stork & Babe in collaboration with Thyme Maternity), and updating (which is more magazine than blog) daily – she was tackling a far more challenging undertaking. Her hungry infant happened to be born with a tooth (!) making nursing excruciatingly frustrating. Smartly, Sims sought help for that issue – and for almost every parenting challenge since then. The result: an enviably supportive network, and one that’s open for us non-supermodels to tap in to, too. “The more I learn about parenting, the more I think you need a village around you.” A village, and a hefty supply of Medela Hydrogel nipple pads. “The ones you can put in the fridge – I loved those.”
cc_blog_spacercc_blog_tips_title_v1cc_blog_molly_sims_tips1I take Babies First Class and Jackie gives handouts and guidelines to follow. Sleep training, toilet training, solid foods and allergies… But also the developmental stuff. I know it’s work and that you have to be the disciplinarian, but you can take those boundaries and redirect them into fun. As Jackie would say, listen: You can say hi to your baby or you can say HIII-EEE!!!
cc_blog_molly_sims_tips2I tell all my pregnant girlfriends, get involved with your community. Ask around and find the best mommy and me class. I have one that’s more social and one that I really learn from. (Cricket’s note: Red Tricycle has a directory for many cities.)
cc_blog_molly_sims_tips3When everyone seems to be talking about something, it’s usually for a good reason. Like, Bringing up Bebe – it’s worth it. Or the Macaroni & Cheese series, which I love.
cc_blog_molly_sims_tips4When it comes to nursing, some of us are cows and some of us are goats; I was a goat — there’s milk, but only a little. I loved my lactation consultant Linda Hanna. Yes, she taught me tricks, but I love her because she made me feel good about myself. Definitely work with someone because the latching on is the hardest part.
cc_blog_molly_sims_tips5Jill Spivack at Sleepy Planet  helped me to sleep train my baby. The Seedlings Group offers support for sleep and lots of other parenting needs. (Cricket’s note: They offer phone consultations, too.)
cc_blog_molly_sims_tips6Find somewhere with ambience between 5 and 7pm and one that’s loud. For us it was Terroni’s. Sure, he wants to get out of the high chair 20 mins into dinner, but I come prepared. My diaper bags weighs 20 lbs, 15 pounds are cars. And crayons.
cc_blog_molly_sims_tips7My single girlfriends would make me laugh during the first year. I was like, “we had bilirubin,” and they’re like, is that an Indian dish? I told them my nipples look like they belong on a different animal. We all laugh about this stuff.



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Cricket’s Style Guide

The Knocked Up Edition

One of the biggest challenges (if not THE biggest) while pregnant is getting dressed. We spotted some recent winning looks from Ciara, Zanna Roberts Rassi, and Kourtney Kardashian – we broke down why they work and made sure you could shop each one. Check that debacle off your list of to-do’s.


Jeans and a tee has never looked cuter, and here’s why: The right maternity skinny jeans are as flattering as they are comfy (we’re J. Brand loyalists). It’s the right tee shirt that’s tougher to nail. Ciara’s successful look is thanks to no ruching, ample length (i.e. no belly hanging out, even if you stretch), and neutral colors (you’re carrying a watermelon, no need to look like one). In the early months, keep tops loose, but once that belly pops, it’s almost always best to embrace the belly with a tighter fit.


Zanna Roberts Rassi

Few people look cool throughout pregnancy, but Zanna Roberts Rassi is the exception. Here she balances proportions brilliantly in every way: edgy and feminine, structured and flowy, tight and loose. A short drop-waist silhouette over black tights with tough motorcycle boots is a winning combo. The cheerful hot pink makes this one perfect for a girly baby shower too.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian has mastered casual-chic, a look that’s not easy to pull off pregnant. The key to her winning look is mixing high and low, both literally and figuratively. The long trench balances out the dress’ short hemline, showing off toned legs while masking a burgeoning bum (not that she has one!). A trench is a great investment piece – it’s classic style instantly elevates a casual outfit, it will fit you after the baby (trust) and it goes with EVERYTHING.

Need more help getting dressed? Check out our Maternity Dressing Tips.

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Saturdays With Lisa Greenwald

saturdays Lisa Greenwald
Lives: NYC, West Village 
Family: husband Eric Greenwald, sons Benjamin, 6 and Jordan, 3 
You might know: a little line called Madewell where she’s the VP of Merchandising; she’s also the founder of the smart line for teething babies, Chewbeads
Secret obsession: real-deal reality TV, like Hoarders and Intervention



Jordan usually wakes up first and comes into our bed to cuddle. Benjamin usually joins within the half hour. Love this time of day.


Make coffee, get the Times at the front door, attempt to sit down and read some of the paper.



Get kids (and selves) in bathing suits and head to Soho House.


Meet friends and settle in on the roof of Soho House. Swim, eat, repeat.


Movie time.Most recently Planes in 3D.


Eric takes Jordan home for a nap. Ben and I head to Fellow Barber to get him a haircut.


Head home.


Ready for a run. Head down the westside highway around the tip of Manhattan (detour around the new World Trade Center shops/subway entrance – really impressed!).


Shower and relax at home with the boys. We play a few rounds of 3D Super Mario Brothers when Princess Peach (aka mom) takes a break.


Dinner for kids, quick baths, and pajamas on.


Babysitter arrives.


Meet up with friends at Bodega Negra for drinks. Love their Tequila selection!


Dinner at Piora. Quaint, delicious – you must get the monkey bread!!!


Time for BED

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On Our Radar: August 28, 2014


WHO: Stylish moms with a penchant for handbags will drool over Leader Bag Co’s creation.
WHAT: A truly chic diaper bag (backpack if we’re getting technical) that also beats the competition in function, complete with downright brilliant stroller straps.
WHEN: Preorder now to get it in September.


WHO: Breastfeeding moms with a stash of milk to keep up with.
WHAT: Eepples milk charms may sound silly, but keeping track of your milk’s freshness is serious business – no pens or stickers necessary here, just turn a dial.
WHEN: Now. There’s nothing worse than having to dump precious breastmilk.

WHO: Moms and caregivers who need quick, healthy family dinner recipes will love the new cookbook from Dinner A Love Story’s Jenny Rosenstrach.
WHAT: Dinner The Playbook not only inspires but also gives you the tools to dominate dinnertime in a snap.
WHEN: Immediately if not sooner.

WHO: Parents with iPad guilt.
WHAT: Tiggly (award-winning toddler apps) creators have designed educational toys that enhance their apps’ learning experience.
WHEN: No time like the present.


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