cc_molly_sims_header_4cc_blog_spacer“He’s like a Christmas present that I get to open every morning,” says Molly Sims of her one-and-a-half-year-old son Brooks.
Lest you get the wrong idea, she also referred to him as a “nipple vampire” minutes earlier. Before Sims returned to work – filming episodes of The Carrie Diaries and as a guest star on TBS’ Men At Work, penning a “girl’s guide to everything” called The Everyday Supermodel for HarperCollins, designing maternity apparel (Molly Sims’ Stork & Babe in collaboration with Thyme Maternity), and updating (which is more magazine than blog) daily – she was tackling a far more challenging undertaking. Her hungry infant happened to be born with a tooth (!) making nursing excruciatingly frustrating. Smartly, Sims sought help for that issue – and for almost every parenting challenge since then. The result: an enviably supportive network, and one that’s open for us non-supermodels to tap in to, too. “The more I learn about parenting, the more I think you need a village around you.” A village, and a hefty supply of Medela Hydrogel nipple pads. “The ones you can put in the fridge – I loved those.”
cc_blog_spacercc_blog_tips_title_v1cc_blog_molly_sims_tips1I take Babies First Class and Jackie gives handouts and guidelines to follow. Sleep training, toilet training, solid foods and allergies… But also the developmental stuff. I know it’s work and that you have to be the disciplinarian, but you can take those boundaries and redirect them into fun. As Jackie would say, listen: You can say hi to your baby or you can say HIII-EEE!!!
cc_blog_molly_sims_tips2I tell all my pregnant girlfriends, get involved with your community. Ask around and find the best mommy and me class. I have one that’s more social and one that I really learn from. (Cricket’s note: Red Tricycle has a directory for many cities.)
cc_blog_molly_sims_tips3When everyone seems to be talking about something, it’s usually for a good reason. Like, Bringing up Bebe – it’s worth it. Or the Macaroni & Cheese series, which I love.
cc_blog_molly_sims_tips4When it comes to nursing, some of us are cows and some of us are goats; I was a goat — there’s milk, but only a little. I loved my lactation consultant Linda Hanna. Yes, she taught me tricks, but I love her because she made me feel good about myself. Definitely work with someone because the latching on is the hardest part.
cc_blog_molly_sims_tips5Jill Spivack at Sleepy Planet  helped me to sleep train my baby. The Seedlings Group offers support for sleep and lots of other parenting needs. (Cricket’s note: They offer phone consultations, too.)
cc_blog_molly_sims_tips6Find somewhere with ambience between 5 and 7pm and one that’s loud. For us it was Terroni’s. Sure, he wants to get out of the high chair 20 mins into dinner, but I come prepared. My diaper bags weighs 20 lbs, 15 pounds are cars. And crayons.
cc_blog_molly_sims_tips7My single girlfriends would make me laugh during the first year. I was like, “we had bilirubin,” and they’re like, is that an Indian dish? I told them my nipples look like they belong on a different animal. We all laugh about this stuff.



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