She might be a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but she defies all model stereotypes: She’s totally down-to-earth and says being a mom is the greatest joy she’s ever experienced. We chatted with the gorgeous Lily Aldridge while she was sitting in the hair chair prepping for a Victoria’s Secret shoot at Milk Studios. The supermodel is married to Kings Of Leon frontman Caleb Followill (yes, “Sex on Fire” was written about her), and they have a two-year-old daughter Dixie Pearl. Lily is extremely hands-on, and unless it’s a quick overnight trip, Dixie comes with her wherever she goes.

The family splits their time between Nashville and New York and just returned from England where they celebrated Dixie’s second birthday at the London Zoo, complete with a cowgirl theme, of course.

Lily got real with us about how she stayed fit during pregnancy, her secret to getting back in shape, her must-have beauty products (she’s obsessed!), her genius tips for traveling with a toddler, and much much more.

Stellar Advice

I was pregnant at same time as Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio and they gave me such good advice for how to stay in shape. I did a lot of prenatal yoga and got lots of massages. I relaxed and had the most beautiful pregnancy – I loved every second of it.

Back To Work

I saw all my friends bounce back with exercise and just being healthy. It was so inspiring to me, so I never worried about that. It was hard work getting back in shape, but I did it, and I was really proud.

After I gave birth, I started doing Ballet Beautiful with Mary Helen Bowers, and she got me ready for the VS fashion show four months post-baby. Getting back in shape with her was an amazing experience. She just had a baby too, so she has a prenatal workout video.

Model Moms

Being a working mom is such a good example for your child. All my friends I work with – Adriana, Miranda [Kerr] and Alessandra – are all amazing working moms, and it’s so great to have such a support system with your friends.

On The Go, Go, Go

Dixie already has so many frequent flyer miles – she comes with me everywhere unless it’s a quick overnight trip.

I pack tons of snacks (raisins and seaweed crisps are favorites) and download a bunch of educational apps on the iPad and let her go to town. It keeps her happy and the people around us, too, since she isn’t crying. Right now, she’s loving ABC Storybots, where robots sing songs about each letter. She can count and sing the ABCs – if you find the right educational apps, the iPad is a great learning tool.

I also have this amazing thing called the CARES Harness – it’s FAA-approved and you don’t need to carry on a car seat. It’s so incredible and makes traveling so much easier.

The Perfect Pregnancy

I did not model while pregnant. I checked out and really relaxed, enjoyed myself and had a healthy, happy pregnancy. I didn’t have tons of cravings, but one night at 4am, I was really wanting dried pineapple and I contemplated waking my husband to go and get it. I waited until the morning, but when I finally got it, it was glorious. Looking back, I should have woken him up!

Pregnancy Wardrobe

I loved my J. Brand maternity jeans. I also loved Hatch – they make such beautiful dresses. I had this one dress from them, and I swear every time I wore it, I got more compliments on it than any other outfit I have ever worn. They were so cute and comfortable. I would love to do a collaboration with them the next time I’m pregnant.

Beauty Junkie

I am a beauty freak. I went to Sephora yesterday and bought like the whole store. I love Creme de la Mer moisturizer, Proactiv Plus cleanser, Pure Fiji starfruit body scrub, Fresh lemon bath cubes, Tom Ford’s Jasmin Rouge and anything Kora [Miranda Kerr’s line].

When I was pregnant, I didn’t put anything on my body that wasn’t all natural. I went a bit wild. I have a whole new respect for ingredients and products. I used a lot of Mama Mio and Kora. To prevent stretch marks, I used a lot of oils – I put as many on as I could, and it worked! Loved the one by Mother’s Special Blend.


I swore I was going to feed her only healthy, organic stuff, but I totally give her juice and ice cream – you have to let them be kids! Also, trying to go down those swirly slides at the park always leads to an embarrassing moment.

The Name Game

I love classic names. I loved the name Pearl and my husband is Southern and he loved the name Dixie. We had two names picked out, and when she was born, I looked at her and just said, she’s a Dixie Pearl! She is such a firecracker and has so much personality – her name suits her perfectly.


If you granted me three hours alone on a Saturday afternoon, you’d find me in bed watching House of Cards or Orange Is The New Black being so happy.

Lifesaving Baby Products

Water Wipes are so gentle and amazing, I now use them on my face! Other wipes were irritating her. I’m obsessed with Waxolene as a cure-all because it’s all natural and works. The Fisher-Price swing was a life saver, but next go around I’m getting the mamaRoo that sits on the floor.

The Challenge

Right now, Dixie is so social, and I’m really trying to teach her manners and to share, but it’s really hard to teach a two-year-old. I throw a full-on party in the street when she shares something with anyone, even me!

Night, Night

One of the greatest things I’ve done as a mom is put Dixie on a sleep schedule, using The Dream Sleeper book. It helps everyone get through the day – she knows when it’s time for a nap and is a great sleeper, and I can schedule workouts around that.

Yes, She Eats

I am a huge foodie. I appreciate delicious food, whether it’s a $1 taco or dinner at a five-star restaurant. One of my favorite meal is the roasted chicken at Barbuto, and the chef Jonathan Waxman just opened a restaurant in Nashville that I haven’t been to yet. When we land there tomorrow, the whole family is going directly to Adele’s for dinner. We are so excited he came to Nashville!

Fun With Dixie

We are members of The Nashville Zoo, which is incredible – one of the best zoos I’ve ever been to. At the end of my pregnancy, I would walk around there all day trying to get my labor started.

Dixie and I are obsessed with the homemade popsicles at Las Paletas and it’s right next door to the park, so we get popsicles and go to park and that’s my idea of a perfect day.



“A big 1st birthday party? Oh please, they don’t even know what day it is, never mind understand the significance of 365 days with twins.” These were Zanna Roberts Rassi’s exact words to her husband two weeks before their twins 1st birthday.

Cut to a full on Alice In Wonderland themed party for sixty. Why? “Well after thinking about it (for all of three minutes), I realized how important it was to celebrate one year of being a family, our friends, a room full of play dates, and cake. Lot’s of CAKE.”

She called upon the wonderfully talented Milk Studios events team to make it happen. Here’s how it all came together.

Pick a theme. It gives you focus and makes decisions easier across the board.
Keep it intimate: close friends & family only.
Timing is key: Start partying right after naptime.
PB+J isn’t for everyone. Adults deserve their own menu.
Facilitate lots of activities. Special games and crafts mean there’s entertainment for older kids too.
Set up a changing station.










Sweets: Silk Cakes cake + monogrammed petit-fours
Kiddie Drinks: pink lemonade + chocolate milk
Adult Cocktail: bloody mary’s + elderflower champagne
Food: The Smile, Duane Park, Tea & Sympathy
Goodie Bag: Alice In Wonderland book + bubbles to take the magic home
Decor: Lost & Found Props, Lost & Found Props, Eclectic Encore
Flowers: Banchet Flowers
Playlist Moment: Alice In Wonderland Original Soundtrack
Decorative Balloons: Bonbon Balloons
Balloon Maker: Candy Twisted Balloons
Photography by Zlatko Batistich


saturdays Adriana Chryssicopoulos
Lives: Chelsea (SW3) in London
Husband Philippe and our 3 children – Olivia (7), Nicolas (5), and Alexis (boy, 2.5)
You might know: Founder of Nine In The Mirror, the chicest maternity shop you’ve ever seen (think Net-A-Porter for pregnant women), and YES they ship to the USA.
Secret obsession: Buying loads of magazines and not having the time to read them. I have stacks of them next to my bed.



2 of our 3 kids have swimming on Saturday mornings and my husband gets them up, makes breakfast, and whisks them off to lessons. This is his ritual with him, which gives me a little quiet time to myself.


I head out to do a few errands – the dry cleaners, stopping by our local food market to get cheese, baked goods, and freshly-made Argentine empanadas which my son loves.



Lunch out as a family. We usually go somewhere local and the kids take turns picking: The Orange for delicious pizza, Daphne’s for pappardelle with wild boar ragu for 5 (!), or Royal China for dim sum.


After lunch there is inevitably a birthday party for one or more of the kids, but Alexis needs to go home for a nap, so we divide and conquer. I usually go to the birthday party so I can see the other mums and have a chat while the kids enjoy themselves.


Weather permitting, we go to our local park, always equipped with soccer balls, bubbles, skipping ropes, and frisbees as we never know what will be the “hit” of the day.


We make our way back home to feed the kids dinner, and I inevitably eat with them even if we have dinner plans later.


The kids are only allowed to watch TV on weekends, so after dinner, we have movie night in our living room and put on the latest release from Apple TV. Though not exactly new, we recently enjoyed watching Mr Peabody & Sherman together last weekend, complete with individual bowls of (natural) popcorn.


We do the usual bedtime rituals, and time permitting the kids get to either read in bed or have a story read to them.


My husband and I pop out for dinner with friends.