cc_blog_spacerWe’ve got to give the girl some credit. When Jessica Alba embraced healthy living she didn’t do it in the Stella McCartney-wearing, Sigg water-bottle carrying, quinoa-bowl-at-Cafe Gratitude sense. She threw herself into it, demanding answers from diaper manufacturers (what’s really inside there?) and then developing and road-testing her own, safer version. (Blowouts ensued. It wasn’t pretty.) It’s not exactly what you’d expect a blockbuster actress to be doing during her downtime.

By launching The Honest Company, Jessica made toxicity and kids’ health a conversation worth having, by shining a light on the questionable practices of some consumer goods companies and offering parents answers – and cute alternatives, like adorably patterned diapers that nix the plastics and gels (!) found in conventional ones. Hey, thanks!

Nice thing about Jessica: she’s not righteous about it – she admits cloth diapers weren’t right for her kids Honor, 5, and Haven, 2, and she can’t quit her Retinol habit. “It’s up to you to figure out what’s going to work in your own life,” she says.

“As a mom especially, you learn to let go of what you can’t control and just focus on a handful of things within your power. You’ll go crazy trying to figure out every possible toxic trap.”

Lucky for us, she’s figured out most of them and shared it in her book. We loved her advice on “greening” your beauty routine so much we asked her for more! “With help from great makeup artists in the business like Katey Denno, who has an awesome blog, plus EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, and my favorite green beauty retailer,, I’ve got a 10-minute routine that doesn’t skimp on safety – or beauty.” And now so do you.

cc_blog_jessica_tips1Tata Harper moisturizer is a multitasker – it’s tinted and has SPF.  RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up is great because it’s non-toxic and fits in your purse for touch-ups. And I’m still obsessed with any product containing Retinol because there’s no more effective wrinkle-fighter. It’s not the most green thing in the world, but as I say, it’s about being honest, not perfect!

Open your eyes to the awesomeness that is the Shu Uemura Lash Curler! Though most brands haven’t figured out how to  do an effective, eco-friendly mascara, Physician’s Formula mascara comes the closest. L’Oreal Voluminous and Diorshow mascaras have the most impact.

cc_blog_jessica_tips3I love Youngblood or RMS Lip to Cheek cream blush. Don’t forget to tap where the apples of your cheeks touch your hairline, which is where the sun naturally shines. Try Korres Zea Mays Blush if powder is your thing. Hourglass bronzer duo does the “sun-kissed” feel, safely.

cc_blog_jessica_tips4I use Ilia in Perfect Day for a classic lipstick shade and Femme Fatale for a darker look. I had to let go of my favorite red lipstick – the lead levels were toxic! Kjaer Weis has a pretty lip tint called Passionate and I adore its packaging. Korres Lip Butter is a tinted lip balm I use on the center of my lower lip to draw the light and wake up the whole face. Koh Gen Do natural gloss works wonders every day.

cc_blog_jessica_tips5 Steer clear of the eau de nail salon at least while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding because there are chemical irritants in the air. Or find a well-ventilated or “eco-nail” salon – because going for a mani-pedi is the best version of a grown-up “time out”. (I love that free massage – never get enough.) Priti NYC and Butter London are nail polish brands you can bring home with a clear mind they’re “5 free”, i.e. lacking the 5 known carcinogenic ingredients. I’m into extremes this Spring, so I’m either wearing a cool, dark British Racing green or a rich Come to Bed red when I wear black, or a soft, classic nude to go with all those gorgeous pastels.

Image of Haven, Jessica, Honor and Cash Warren by Justin Coit

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Saturdays With Lisa Greenwald

saturdays Lisa Greenwald
Lives: NYC, West Village 
Family: husband Eric Greenwald, sons Benjamin, 6 and Jordan, 3 
You might know: a little line called Madewell where she’s the VP of Merchandising; she’s also the founder of the smart line for teething babies, Chewbeads
Secret obsession: real-deal reality TV, like Hoarders and Intervention



Jordan usually wakes up first and comes into our bed to cuddle. Benjamin usually joins within the half hour. Love this time of day.


Make coffee, get the Times at the front door, attempt to sit down and read some of the paper.



Get kids (and selves) in bathing suits and head to Soho House.


Meet friends and settle in on the roof of Soho House. Swim, eat, repeat.


Movie time.Most recently Planes in 3D.


Eric takes Jordan home for a nap. Ben and I head to Fellow Barber to get him a haircut.


Head home.


Ready for a run. Head down the westside highway around the tip of Manhattan (detour around the new World Trade Center shops/subway entrance – really impressed!).


Shower and relax at home with the boys. We play a few rounds of 3D Super Mario Brothers when Princess Peach (aka mom) takes a break.


Dinner for kids, quick baths, and pajamas on.


Babysitter arrives.


Meet up with friends at Bodega Negra for drinks. Love their Tequila selection!


Dinner at Piora. Quaint, delicious – you must get the monkey bread!!!


Time for BED

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On Our Radar: August 28, 2014


WHO: Stylish moms with a penchant for handbags will drool over Leader Bag Co’s creation.
WHAT: A truly chic diaper bag (backpack if we’re getting technical) that also beats the competition in function, complete with downright brilliant stroller straps.
WHEN: Preorder now to get it in September.


WHO: Breastfeeding moms with a stash of milk to keep up with.
WHAT: Eepples milk charms may sound silly, but keeping track of your milk’s freshness is serious business – no pens or stickers necessary here, just turn a dial.
WHEN: Now. There’s nothing worse than having to dump precious breastmilk.

WHO: Moms and caregivers who need quick, healthy family dinner recipes will love the new cookbook from Dinner A Love Story’s Jenny Rosenstrach.
WHAT: Dinner The Playbook not only inspires but also gives you the tools to dominate dinnertime in a snap.
WHEN: Immediately if not sooner.

WHO: Parents with iPad guilt.
WHAT: Tiggly (award-winning toddler apps) creators have designed educational toys that enhance their apps’ learning experience.
WHEN: No time like the present.


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She’s a supermodel, a philanthropist with her own nonprofit, a filmmaker, marathoner, student of Columbia’s Public Health masters program, one of TIME’s Most Influential People this year, wife of actor/director/hottie Ed Burns, and a mother of two, Grace (10) and Finn (8).

When we chatted with Christy Turlington Burns, we girded ourselves for a neurotic, Type-A go-getter. But she’s quite the opposite – an old soul with a gentle demeanor and fairly normal-sounding way of life (yes, truly). Totally inspiring and refreshing!


Christy opened up about her path to do-gooder-ness, which started with her own traumatic postpartum complications, and shared her insights on a balanced marriage and staying in shape – inside and out. This supermodel’s stories are straight ahead…

Pregnant Perfect

I had a picture-perfect pregnancy – I was healthy and felt great. I also had a beautiful delivery in a birthing center with a doula, midwife, and a supportive OB as backup. I was nursing Grace right after giving birth and suddenly saw the tone in the room shift. Most people go into the fourth stage of labor, delivering the placenta, at this point, but mine had grown attached to my uterine wall (something you can’t screen or test for) and needed to be extracted. The doctor had to intervene and literally tear it out of me. It was so unexpected and excruciatingly painful (like more so than giving birth without drugs). I was rocked to my core.


I had a postpartum doula (but no baby nurse) who is one of my favorite people on the planet. I lost a lot of blood, so she made sure I was given the right nutrition and got the proper bonding with my daughter – she totally took care of me, and I am eternally grateful to her.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Shortly thereafter, I jumped onto Google and discovered that 530,000 or so women were dying per year from delivery complications and postpartum hemorrhages.  I had no idea that women still died in pregnancy and childbirth in the 21st century. I thought that only happened in rare instances. I was determined to raise awareness for the many women who do not have basic care to save their lives if this happens to them.

On A Mission

A year and a half later, when I was 6 months pregnant with my son, I went on a humanitarian trip with CARE to El Salvador. CARE has been around for 50 years and does their work quietly, which intrigued me. I spent the last day with women who were also pregnant at a well. They were coming to retrieve water, and CARE had prenatal care set up onsite, so the women could receive it without missing work (a big reason many don’t get medical care). I saw this program in effect and working.

Aha Moment

When I got home, it really hit me then that if I didn’t have the fortune and resources I do – if I had been in a village like the one I visited – I could have died. Maternal health has to be a priority. I was so eager to do something.

On The Ground

I reached out to CARE to see how I could get more involved. Next I went to Peru and visited an area where they had successfully reduced high mortality rates. When I left, I wanted to share what I was seeing and learning, so I got inspired to make a film, and that’s where No Woman, No Cry came from.

Telling The Story

I wanted people to see the vast differences in maternity care around the world. We shot the film in Tanzania, Guatemala, Bangladesh, and the U.S., and it really put a face behind all the statistics, which is so powerful.

Keep It Going

Now, my nonprofit Every Mother Counts (dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother) lets people actually get to work and directly affect change. By purchasing a product, donating an old cell phone, or even running a race, you provide tangible things – transportation vouchers in Uganda, training for birth attendants in Haiti, and solar-power to clinics in Malawi – that are desperately needed. On the site people can see the impact they’ve made via short films, photos, and blog posts, bringing it all full circle.

Marathon Woman

I’m training for my fourth marathon – I’ve gotten obsessed because it’s connected to the work I’m doing, so it’s become symbolic. I’m hooked! I run without music, it’s become my quiet time to clear my thoughts.

Christy’s Sister Married Eddie’s Brother

My sisters are my best friends, and Eddie’s brothers are his best friends. My sister Kelly is mutual friends with one of his friends, so she’s sorta how we met, and then she met his brother Brian through us, and they got married at our house 8 years ago! We have kids around the same age, making them double cousins! It’s so cool, they’re blood donors for each other – perfect matches on all these different levels, and they sense it themselves. I see my sister 3-4 times a week, and her kids are always at our apartment. It’s such a nice arrangement.


My daughter is starting middle school, and I’m excited but also like oh god! such a huge step. She’s such a strong, confident, independent child who was born ready for the world. I’m nervous about how fast it goes, and I know the jump from 10-20 goes in a nanosecond.

Boys vs. Girls

I’m one of 3 sisters, so I’m really glad I have a boy. He’s such a gentle, emotional guy. I love watching his interactions with his male friends – they’re so sweet and tender with each other. It’s changed my perception of boys and girls because my daughter is the tough one and my son is the emotional one. They balance each other out and can teach each other a lot.

Model Parents

Our goal as parents is to show the kids what a balanced relationship looks like. I want them to see us equally share the responsibilities of work and child rearing. That’s much easier when they are older.

3 Hours Alone, No Kids, No Work

You’d find me at a yoga workshop, where you can go deeper than a regular class – it would give me physical exercise, mental clarity, and the benefits of massage.

Date Night With Mr. Burns

My husband likes to go to the movies, but I prefer dinner and a walk on the beach because that’s what we did all the time when we first met.

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